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Introducing the Pocket-T + Tester Round Up


Earlier this week I released my second pdf sewing pattern, the Pocket T! I had a lovely group of testers and I wanted to show off some of the results. It wasn't necessary to change a lot in the pattern so their makes will give you a good idea of what the top looks like. Only the pocket was moved more towards the centre front. 

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Quick tip: Sewing corners on a narrow hem

Don't you just hate it when your sewing machine tries to eat the corners of your sewing project? I've sewn a lot of corners on narrow hems and I always had problems sewing the corners until I tried the trick in the video. I use narrow hems on many of my designs like the Pocket-t and the Tie-Dress

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Inches to Centimeters Cheat Sheet

Converting centimeters to fractions of an that is a task I could certainly do without. Whenever I need to convert centimeters to fractions of an inch I tend to get distracted by cats or sewing on Pinterest.
But not anymore. Because I just made myself a cheat sheet in the form of a handy ruler and I found a great online converter here.  
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How to Make & Sew: Bias Binding

There, I said it...I love bias binding and yes all caps that's how much I love it ;)

Why am i in love with bias binding? 
It's an elegant finish suitable for a lot of projects and fabrics. After using the technique for a few years (on just about every project) I find it's actually a quick, clean and easy way to finish garments.
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Introducing PDF Sewing Patterns: The Tie Dress

From now on I will start to release my designs as PDF sewing patterns starting with the Tie Dress. This means you can now sew your own Charlotte Kan design. Here is how it works: buy and download the PDF pattern - print and tape the pattern pieces - cut your fabric and sew your dress - enjoy your home made Charlotte Kan design. 

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Charlotte Kan in Gers! Magazine

I got a lovely feature in Gers! magazine alongside two other designers from Rotterdam Joline Jolink and Jeroen van Tuyl. We talked about how and where we work and thanks to the photo you get a glimpse into my messy studio ;)

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Charlotte Kan x Granny's Finest

Granny's Finest is a foundation that lets designers and Grannies collaborate to create handmade accessories. The grannies knit and crochet with beautiful and soft yarns and in return for their craftsmanship a weekly handwork club and outings are organized. If you buy one of the designs you get to personally thank the granny's that knit your beanie, scarf or cowl by sending them a card.

What I like about this concept is that it has a social goal. They want to contribute to the well-being of our senior citizens by letting them make, learn and work together with designers on quality products. View and shop the collection here

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Made to order with love

Behind the scenes at ethical fashion brand

From now on all orders you make in the web shop will be made to order and shipped within 5 to 10 business days after payment.

Why the change? By only making that what you want to wear allows me to use the fabrics and my time more efficiently. It frees up my time for future plans, new designs and a more focused work routine...ok, and an occasional coffee with friends.

If you want instant gratification and shop offline? Have a look at my stockist Groos in Rotterdam, make an appointment to visit the studio and subscribe to the newsletter to get event invites.

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