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Sewing Blog

5 steps to pick the right sewing pattern size + get a better fit. Even if you are a beginner!

how to pick the right size sewing pattern

Yay! You decided to start sewing. You bought a sewing machine, did a few practice projects and now you are ready to sew your own handmade wardrobe. You want to create your own handmade wardrobe because fast fashion turns you off, you can't find what you are looking for or you simply don't fit the standard RTW (ready-to-wear) sizes.

You pick your first pattern put your blood, sweat, and tears into that first garment, only to find out it's too baggy or too tight and you start second guessing the whole plan of sewing your own wardrobe.


You never start because you lack confidence and question everything...Which pattern size should I choose? What should I do if I don’t fit into any of the listed sizes? What if I fall into different sizes? How do I take my measurements?

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Sewing knits on your sewing machine - Tips & Tricks

sewing knits without an overlocker

I've owned a serger (or overlocker) from when I started sewing, so I've mostly been able to use a serger instead of a sewing machine. That being said, I have used a sewing machine on knits (hemming, attaching elastic, sewing underwear, topstitching, etc.) So below are a few tips and tricks from my experiences working with knits. Continue reading

New Pattern: Elskan Dress & Top + Tester Round Up

Batwing Dress Sewing PDF Pattern by Charlotte Kan

Elskan is a batwing style dress or top and it has a short and long sleeve option. The Elskan pattern is a great addition to your handmade wardrobe if youlike to wear drapey tops and tight skirts, the dress combines both. The shape of the pattern might surprise you, but it's actually quite an easy garment to make. 

You might be wondering what this dress looks like in different materials and how the different versions look like. Well take a look at some of the tops and dresses the pattern testers made.

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