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    Need a fun project for those left over bits 1 yard and 1/2 yard fabric in your stash? Fabrics you love and can't bear to part with, but just don't know what to make? The Tsuno Tie Bag pattern + spreadsheet will get you sewing and destashing in no time.



    "What a fun and friendly pattern! I made both the top and dress and still want to make a plain black jersey dress. Love it!"

    SEW and Shine
    Free mini Tsuno Tie Bag

    Free mini Tsuno Tie Bag

    Start sewing, destashing and storing. Use your scraps to sew your own reusable gift wrap, snaaaacks bag or mini catch all those for items that get lost in your bag (headphones, chapstick, I'm talking to your)

    Yep, I need to sew that!

    The Tie Dress

    The Tie Dress

    "Super cute pattern! I made it out of crepe and it fits and drapes beautifully. The pdf printout went together quickly and made sense. Would purchase from this seller again." Sikuwear

    Sew And Tie

    The Parsec Leggings

    The Parsec Leggings

    "This leggings pattern is absolutely wonderful! The first pair I made fits perfectly. I plan to use this over and over again. Thank you for your great design! Wanda 

    Sew the Parsec leggings

    Garçonne Shirt / Dress

    Garçonne Shirt / Dress

    "Great pattern and service. Thankyou!" Gail

    Sew the Garçonne 

    Blog posts

    • August 11, 2019 Tie Dress: Wrap Dress Hack

      Tie dress PDF sewing pattern hack and alterations

      When I originally designed the Tie Dress, it was part of my small ready to wear collection and it was made in a small size range in my studio in Rotterdam. I have no idea how many we made and sold, but I still had this indigo/purple/Yves Klein blue version lying around, there is a small fault in the fabric, right on the boob but not that visible at all...maybe that's why it never got sold? Anyway, I love the colour (which is nearly impossible to photograph well) but the size was too big for me. And since it's #AlterItAugust I though I join in and alter this blue beauty from the archive.

    • July 07, 2019 Tsuno Tie Bag - Tester round up

      Tsuno tie bag - bento bag - project bag sewing pattern - easye to sew bag - azuma bukuro
      Marilyn @create.anew

      I'm so thankful of all these fabulous testers! They dedicated their time and fabric to give great feedback so I could finetune the pattern and get it as perfect as possible. They did a great job and it's inspiring to see the bag in so many different fabrics and colours.


      During the testing I made changes to the instructions and it was clear that a video tutorial would be a great addition to the pattern. I've recently uploaded the video tutorial so you can sew along with your Tsuno Tie Bag.

    • July 05, 2019 5 steps to pick the right sewing pattern size + get a better fit. Even if you are a beginner!

      how to pick the right size sewing pattern

      Yay! You decided to start sewing. You bought a sewing machine, did a few practice projects and now you are ready to sew your own handmade wardrobe. You want to create your own handmade wardrobe because fast fashion turns you off, you can't find what you are looking for or you simply don't fit the standard RTW (ready-to-wear) sizes.

      You pick your first pattern put your blood, sweat, and tears into that first garment, only to find out it's too baggy or too tight and you start second guessing the whole plan of sewing your own wardrobe.


      You never start because you lack confidence and question everything...Which pattern size should I choose? What should I do if I don’t fit into any of the listed sizes? What if I fall into different sizes? How do I take my measurements?

    • June 28, 2019 What is ease in sewing. Wearing ease, design ease, negative ease explained

      what is ease in sewing, design ease, wearing ease, negative ease explained

      Ease / wearing ease / design ease / negative ease

      What is ease and why should you care about it? Well...have you ever sewn a (pdf) sewing pattern after following directions, carefully measuring yourself and selecting the size only to have it come out way to large or tighter than you wanted? That's because you haven't factored in ease.