I design easy to sew PDF patterns that you'll love to wear. the sewing patterns come with step by step instructions & photo tutorials to guide you through the process.
Besides designing and making PDF sewing patterns, I teach: embroidery + sewing workshops online and offline in Rotterdam or on location.

Since I made the switch (2015) to design PDF sewing patterns instead of ready-to-wear (2008 – 2015), I´ve published a number of patterns that have been sewn up all over the world and are sold online internationally.
I decided to switch from ready-to-wear to designing PDF sewing patterns because the fashion system I was working in didn’t feel right. I wanted to slow down and focus on the design, the pattern, the process and learn new skills. Besides that, I love to teach from my experience as a creative online entrepreneur and my sewing experience. I teach in the classroom, on stage, in my pattern instructions and on my blog where I´ve shared several sewing tutorials.

Maybe I like to teach because I love to learn…In the past years I´ve taken up knitting, dove into the world of social media and email marketing, started mountain biking, made my own cold process soap and you can follow me on Instagram to see bits and pieces as well as behind scenes previews.
Charlotte Kan
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