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Introducing: Online workshops: Blossom embroidery class NEW! Introducing: Online workshops: Blossom embroidery class

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Sewing Glossary - sewing terms explained for the beginner

beginner sewing glossaryThis glossary of sewing terms for the beginner is an A-Z guide that explains many terms, but also includes some tips and tricks that I think you might find handy. The list is a work in progress and I'll add links to tutorials, images and videos when I create them. Let me know in the comments if I missed a crucial sewing term you would like to know about. Continue reading

How to Store Your Embroidery Floss

how to organize and store embroidery floss

There are many ways to store your embroidery floss, but here's my favorite. I have a lot of skeins that I use during workshops, so I need to unpack them and pack them in a way that keeps the colours together. If you knit you've probably already recognise the stitchholder i'm using. It was an epiphany when I finally realized I could use them to organize my embroidery floss. I can store 12 skeins on one pin and then stack all the skeins into a clear box where they sort of hold themselves up.

These are 13,5cm stitchholders from prym. You can find these and many others on Amazon (affiliate link)


embroidery floss storage tip and trickhow to store embroidery floss

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Sewing Tools The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Favorite sewing tools list: magnetic pin cushion

Through the years, I've aqcuired quite the collection of sewing tools and they range from, can't do without, to useless, to some not actual sewing tools. Some are cheap, some a expensive...I guess it's all very personal, but here's a list of my favourite (an not so favourite) sewing tools.
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Book Review: Concepts of Pattern Grading

Book review concepts of pattern grading third edition

For those unfamiliar with grading, it's when you take a flat pattern in a master size and use that to create bigger or smaller sizes. This is what you do after your pattern is finished, to create a set of patterns to reflect a size range.

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Inches to Centimeters Cheat Sheet

Converting centimeters to fractions of an that is a task I could certainly do without. Whenever I need to convert centimeters to fractions of an inch I tend to get distracted by cats or sewing on Pinterest.
But not anymore. Because I just made myself a cheat sheet in the form of a handy ruler and I found a great online converter here.  
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