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Tie Dress: Wrap Dress Hack

Tie dress PDF sewing pattern hack and alterations

When I originally designed the Tie Dress, it was part of my small ready to wear collection and it was made in a small size range in my studio in Rotterdam. I have no idea how many we made and sold, but I still had this indigo/purple/Yves Klein blue version lying around, there is a small fault in the fabric, right on the boob but not that visible at all...maybe that's why it never got sold? Anyway, I love the colour (which is nearly impossible to photograph well) but the size was too big for me. And since it's #AlterItAugust I though I join in and alter this blue beauty from the archive.

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Introducing: Kitsune Strapless Dress

Kitsune is an easy to sew strapless summer dress. With only three pattern pieces it´s a quick sewing project with maximum effect. Perfect for the beach or the city when dressed up with heels and a cropped blazer. Kitsune (Japanese for fox) got it's name because I feel foxy wearing it ;)

PS: To celebrate the introduction use code foxy at checkout and receive 25% off of your purchase until monday 23:59 CET 

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