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Tester Call: Kitsune Strapless Dress

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Kitsune Strapless Dress PDF Sewing Pattern

[update: Kitsune is ready for the beach. Use the code foxy at checkout for a 25% discount on the Kitsune PDF pattern. Valid until monday 23:59 CET]

The Kitsune dress is almost ready for testing and I would love your feedback on the pattern, the fit and the instructions! The Kitsune strapless dress is almost ready for testing and I would love your feedback! The dress looks chic but is simple to make, only three pattern pieces! Perfect for hot and sunny days on the beach or for the city combined with a cropped blazer. And because I feel foxy when I wear it, the name is Kitsune which means fox in Japanese.

Testing starts Friday and the deadline for your feedback and photos is 31th if may.

Click here and sign up to test

If you are selected to test you will receive the pattern on Friday.


PS: Yes! It's inspired by the Tie Dress, but has a different construction and slightly different fit (even less shaping ;), but if you have some pattern cutting inspiration you could hack your Tie Dress into the Kitsune