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Book Review: Draping, Art and Craftsmanship

Draping / moulage instruction book for beginners

Book review: Draping - Art And Craftsmanship In Fashion Design by Annette Duburg & Rixt van der Tol

This book is the best book I've seen on the art of draping or as the french say, moulage.

Eventhough I hardly drape full garments, knowledge of draping helped me get a better grasp on fitting and altering basic pattern blocks into designs. In addition it gave me more confidence in flat pattern cutting, taking on a more playful approach instead of always drafting by the rules. 

The book starts with basics of draping, the tools and how to use them, and ends with the recreation of historic garments giving you insight in the draping of more complex garments. The only negative I can think of is that I wish there were more examples ;)

The best book on draping pattens or moulage

Throughout the book there are clear images of all the necessary steps to create basic draped designs, how to mark them and how to true and clean up your moulage. In addition they cover different sleeves, jackets, coats, skirts, bodices dresses, pants and collars.

Best draping and moulage book

I purchased the book at the end of a workshop from one of the makers, Rixt van der Tol. Such an inspiring experience! We all had to make the same jacket from the book to learn some basic techniques before we could make our own project. During the workshop I draped a corset and a dramatic jacket. Vlisco sponsored the workshop so we got to use stunning Dutch wax fabrics. It’s hard to explain how much I loved that experience.

This book will be a lovely addition to your sewing and pattern cutting library, if you want to know more about draping and learn a new skill.

Where to find it: Amzon or Center for Pattern Design

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