Book Review: Pattern Cutting by Chunman Lo

Book review Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo

Pattern Cutting by Dennic Chunman Lo a book review

What I love about this book: He explains the why behind the steps and measurements, giving you the confidence to bend and play with the rules.

He covers all the basic blocks for women (bodice, skirt, dress, sleeves,pants), in addition he explains how to combine a skirt and top block to make a dress. There are some examples of how to approach innovative pattern making and how to manipulate your blocks into other designs. I particularly liked the chapter on sleeves, explaining the effect of different sleeve crown heights, how to calculate them and how you can play with those measurements. 

The book offers two methods for making collars, draped on a mannequin and drafted from measurements. Draping might sound daunting to a beginner, but he makes it look easy and fun. 

Another interesting paragraph was where Dennic explains how much seam allowance to use for different fabrics or seams and why. Or the part where he talks about buttons and button sizes, the placement of darts. Or where he explains the key measurements for every block and what their function and effect is. Sooo much juicy info that I would have loved to have had at my fingertips when I started pattern cutting journey. 

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I tried his method to make a bodice block and skirt block. The fit was close to perfect, the apex point was the only point that needed a slight adjustment. I found the instructions clear and easy to follow, it helps that the book has a contemporary look.

Eventhough I own many pattern cutting books and have different methods at my disposal, he gave me new insights on pattern drafting. It was interesting to see Chunman Lo's angle on pattern making and it felt like a refresher course and an eye-opener.

I highly recommend the book by Dennic Chunman Lo for a beginner looking to make their own set of pattern blocks. But it's equally interesting for a more seasoned pattern cutter, you will probably gain new insights since it's packed with juicy information.

Where to find it: Amazon

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Happy sewing!



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