Did you see Dior and I?


Did you see Dior and I? No? Well you should! It's a moving, inspiring and funny documentary. This new documentary follows Raf Simons as he enters the world of couture and creates his first collection for Dior. A film about fashion and emotion. You see Raf go through many emotions and due to a great soundtrack you feel the pressure of his daunting task; creating a couture collection in eight weeks. 

I was surprised that he doesn't sketch any outfit or garment. He develops a concept and creates these files for different outfits with collages and images. His design team then sketches outfits for him to choose from and a team of amazing seamstresses create the pieces. You can see a clip about his process. 

“The past is not romantic for me. It is the future that is romantic for me”

-Raf Simons

So when are you going? ;)

PS: Go check out the work of artist Sterling Ruby. Raf Simons uses his work in the Dior collection and describes him as a "gothic Rothko" 

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