Welcome to the Studio


I took some photos of my current studio set up...and I say current since I like to change my house/studio/bedroom around every six months or so. It's  compulsive and there must be a medical name for it....procrastination ;) Anyway I just wanted to show my workspace.

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Work in Progress: Shirt + Shirt Dress

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen some glimpses of the Shirt + Shirt Dress I am working on. I am happy with the basic shape I have, the next step is to fill in the details. This is really the fun part for me. I think about the different steps, the order in which to sew and little touches that make the design more interesting.

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Introducing the Pocket-T + Tester Round Up


Earlier this week I released my second pdf sewing pattern, the Pocket T! I had a lovely group of testers and I wanted to show off some of the results. It wasn't necessary to change a lot in the pattern so their makes will give you a good idea of what the top looks like. Only the pocket was moved more towards the centre front. 

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Quick tip: Sewing corners on a narrow hem

Don't you just hate it when your sewing machine tries to eat the corners of your sewing project? I've sewn a lot of corners on narrow hems and I always had problems sewing the corners until I tried the trick in the video. I use narrow hems on many of my designs like the Pocket-t and the Tie-Dress

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Inches to Centimeters Cheat Sheet

Converting centimeters to fractions of an inch...now that is a task I could certainly do without. Whenever I need to convert centimeters to fractions of an inch I tend to get distracted by cats or sewing on Pinterest.
But not anymore. Because I just made myself a cheat sheet in the form of a handy ruler and I found a great online converter here.  
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How to Make & Sew: Bias Binding

There, I said it...I love bias binding and yes all caps that's how much I love it ;)

Why am i in love with bias binding? 
It's an elegant finish suitable for a lot of projects and fabrics. After using the technique for a few years (on just about every project) I find it's actually a quick, clean and easy way to finish garments.
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