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How to fold and sew a mitered corner

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Yay! Another tip to bring your sewing practice to the next level. I am always searching new ways to improve my sewing and sewing mitered corners is quite new to me but I really like it. In both the Tie Dress and The Pocket-T I use this technique for the corners, so I wanted to show the technique in a clip to make it even easier to apply it in your own sewing project. 

How to make a mitered corner with double fold hem. 

First fold and press the hem towards the wrong side of the fabric to create fold lines. You will use those lines as a guide to create the mitered corner. 

Cut off the corner.

Fold the cut edge towards the wrong side of the fabric

Fold the straight edges towards the wrong side of the fabric

Fold again and sew

 And action........

Have you used this technique before? Will you be using it in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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