How to Sew: The Pocket

A pocket with a little surprise! 

Cut two pocket flap pieces and one pocket piece

Finish one end of the pocket with a serger.
Align the pocket flap pieces and stitch. Snip of the thread endings as you go.

Cut out a notch before you turn and press the pocket flap.

Align the pocket flap with the pocket piece.

Stitch and press away from the pocket.

Use the markings to fold the pocket. First fold the pocket flap towards the pocket then fold up the bottom of the pocket..

Stitch along the sides. Turn and press.

After turning and pressing stitch above the pocket flap.

Stitch the pocket to the garment. Voila! You have a pocket with two openings, at the top and under the pocket flap.

The pocket is part of the Tie Dress and the Pocket-T sewing pattern. The pattern is a print at home pdf sewing pattern. A great sewing pattern for the confident beginner that is looking to learn new techniques and wants to update their homemade wardrobe with a versatile dress or top.


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