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Introducing Garçonne Shirt | Dress Sewing Pattern

digital sewing pattern for women, garçonne shirt | dress
Bonjour! La Garçonne has arrived and is ready for your handmade wardrobe. It's a great pattern for you if you like a boxy fit and a dropped shoulder.The shirt | dress features back gathers, a back yoke, minimal button band (optional topstitching), no bust darts and hardly any waitshaping and plenty of ease at the hips.

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Tester Call: Garçonne Shirt / Dress

The Garçonne shirt / dress is almost ready for testing and I would love to hear your feedback on the pattern, the fit and the instructions! The Garçonne is based on a men's shirt, has mandarin collar, a boxy fit and the option to make a shirt or a dress. The sizing has been changed and expanded slightly on both ends.

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Slow Fashion October Week 1: YOU

Confetti cutting on a lazy sunday morning

Makers gonna make...and that includes confetti cutting, on the table, whilst sporting undies and a T-shirt. Nice to meet you! My name is Charlotte and when I was a kid, I was a serial maker. I tried my hand at, embroidery, drawing, knitting, sewing, hand sewing, confetti, origami, macramé and what not. However, besides the drawing, nothing stuck.
It wasn't until I started my fashion education in 2003 that I got serious about making, and make, I did...

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Welcome to the Studio


I took some photos of my current studio set up...and I say current since I like to change my house/studio/bedroom around every six months or so. It's  compulsive and there must be a medical name for it....procrastination ;) Anyway I just wanted to show my workspace.

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Work in Progress: Shirt + Shirt Dress

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen some glimpses of the Shirt + Shirt Dress I am working on. I am happy with the basic shape I have, the next step is to fill in the details. This is really the fun part for me. I think about the different steps, the order in which to sew and little touches that make the design more interesting.

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Introducing the Pocket-T + Tester Round Up


Earlier this week I released my second pdf sewing pattern, the Pocket T! I had a lovely group of testers and I wanted to show off some of the results. It wasn't necessary to change a lot in the pattern so their makes will give you a good idea of what the top looks like. Only the pocket was moved more towards the centre front. 

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Introducing PDF Sewing Patterns: The Tie Dress

From now on I will start to release my designs as PDF sewing patterns starting with the Tie Dress. This means you can now sew your own Charlotte Kan design. Here is how it works: buy and download the PDF pattern - print and tape the pattern pieces - cut your fabric and sew your dress - enjoy your home made Charlotte Kan design. 

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