Welcome to the Studio


I took some photos of my current studio set up...and I say current since I like to change my house/studio/bedroom around every six months or so. It's  compulsive and there must be a medical name for it....procrastination ;) Anyway I just wanted to show my workspace.

There is one table where I have my; sewing machine (pfaff 1525 classic), serger (Juki 734DE) and coverstitch (Janome 1000cpx) permanently set up. My sewing machine is close to an old iron board, for easy acces while sewing. Left of my sewing table you can see a glimpse of the shelves where I store my fabric rolls and fabric swatches. The shelves are from IKEA and are called GORM, but they updated the design and now it´s called HEJNE.

I have my desk facing the window/windowsil garden and next to it I have a big laundry basket filled with rolled up patterns. The wooden pinboard was made from a piece of wood I found in a container. I added a few nails and I use it to hang images, tools, knit swatches, patterns I am working on, etc.

I have three tables of the same size and height. They are second hand office tables that are perfect for rolling out and cuttin fabric. I use one as a desk, but when I need a little extra space I can slide the other two against the desk. The shelves behind the table are where I store all the buttons, yarn, thread, serger thread cones, sketchbooks, patterns and my Rolykit

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