Slow Fashion October, week 1: What’s your look?

DIY wardrobe inspiration for slow fashion October

It's Slow Fashion October! Curious what it's all about, you can find the details and the backstory here on Fringe Association

Slow fashion, slow everything is dear to my heart. through the years I've slowly  taken steps in a more sustainable direction. I've given a lot of thought to what works for me and what aspects are important for me.

Fashion is just one of the many fields where I am taking a more conscious approach.

I'm in the process of switching to soap bars to reduce plastic waste, eat mostly plant based from local sources, mend my clothing to they last longer and much more.

A lot of small steps and many of those steps were inspired by the online community, people asking questions, opening up the discussion and that's why I am particitpating in slow fashion october to join the discussion and also to take a moment to reflect on where I stand and where I want to go in the coming year.

So here are this weeks discussion points:

DIY wardrobe inspiration for slow fashion October

Do you have a color palette?

Yes! I do! I've carefully curated my cranberry themed wardrobe in the past few year ;) My main colours are cranberry, blush pink, black, dark blue (jeans), grey (jeans), offwhite, lilac, dark grey and navy with a touch of orange.

DIY wardrobe inspiration for slow fashion October

Whose style inspires you; do you have a muse or icon?

I don't have a specific icon or muse. My inspiration comes from many places and women and brands.

I started collecting my inspiration in two pinterest moodboards. One specifically to inspire my handmade wardrobe and one for general closet inspiration. 

DIY Wardrobe Inspiration
Slow fashion wardrobe inspiration

Closet Inspiration
DIY wardrobe inspiration for slow fashion October

Is there a brand you’re always drawn to, for their clothes and/or how they put them together? Why?

I am drawn to Isabel Marant. I love the strong and feminine look. I own a few pieces that I'm very fond of like the knit sweater on one of the first photos.

What shapes and styles of garments work best for you, your life and your body?

I basically have two favorite shapes;

1. Skinny bottom + high waist + cropped top + there must be pockets

2. Skinny bottom + voluminous top chinched in waist + there must be pockets

My figure is fairly straigth so accentuating my waist is a recurring thing and wearing skinny bottoms.

DIY wardrobe inspiration for slow fashion October

What are your clothing pet peeves?

I hardly ever button the cuffs of the shirts I wear or when I do I uncuff them within 5 minutes. It just feels so uncomfortable. I'd rather wear them rolled up which looks a lot better anyway.

What is your favorite garment or outfit (right now or always) and why?

My highwaisted jeans from a local designer combined with my Garçonne shirt in a Liberty London fabric

Slow Fashhion October

What is the image you would like to project with your clothing?

I want to look feminine and effortlessly cool + casual, and simple but to put this in I'm typing this I am wearing a pair of pants filled with paint spots and a worn seat, an old event shirt and flip flops. Sometimes I care deeply how I look and sometimes it just has to be functional.

Can you describe your style in five adjectives?

Feminine / Casual / Simple / Comfy / Functional

DIY wardrobe inspiration for slow fashion October

What showed up in your mood board that surprised you?

The ochre and pink combination! I realize I love it, but have not incorporated this into my wardrobe. I could use a bit of contrast.

Also the shirts with a quotes them...I never manage to find one that I feel comfortable wearing, but one day!!

What’s an example of something you own and love (had to have!) but never wear, and why not?

Heels! I adore how they look. It's never been a match made in heaven,  but since I broke my ankle a couple of years ago I can't seem to get the hang of wearing them anymore, so I'm team sneaker basically seven days a week.

Happy sewing!



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