Organizing sewing projects, sewing patterns and PDF sewing patterns.

How to organize sewing projects and sewing patterns 

How I store my sewing patterns & projects

I store my printed out PDF sewing patterns and pattern pieces in an A4 quick binder and use plastic sleeves. There is a sleeve for the original copy shop pattern, the traced pattern and the project planner / pattern card goes on top.

If I trace the pattern again to make alterations or if I decide to hack the pattern I simply add another plastic sleeve for the latest version.

I've done this for years, but I've recently created a PDF template to track project details and alterations on the cover page of the binder.

Sewing planner page template free pdf download

Sewing planner page template free pdf download

Sewing planner page template free pdf download

I still have lots of these plastic binders from college so I just reuse them over and over again, but if you don't have them lying around and want to avoid plastic,use a paper envelope and keep your pattern and pattern pieces inside. You could even add a piece of paper as a divider if you need to.

How to organize sewing projects and sewing patterns

When a project is still in process I keep the binder, notions and the project in a basket that I can easily put away for a while.

When the project is completed, I move the binder to a magazine holder.

For a project that is in progress I tend to use one of the many baskets I have around the house to keep everything together in one place.

Large zip lock bags have also come in handy, providing a dust free storage solution. It's not that I buy those anymore, but I do reuse the old ones I still have.

How to store sewing patterns and sewing projects

When the project is finished, the quick binder is moved to a magazine holder. I keep them in a series of uniform magazine holders on a metal shelving unit in my living room. I like them because they hold quite a few patterns, they are affordable and have a clean and organized look.

How to store sewing patterns

My magazine holders came from Ikea and are similar to the Fjälla magazine hoders they currently carry. But the binders (or envelopes) could easily be stored in shoe boxes, old cardboard boxes, drawers or whatever you have on hand.

how to organize sewing patterns

How I store my digital sewing patterns

My Digital patterns are stored using Dropbox* (referral link, I'll earn some extra MB storage if you sign up)  Once I purchase or create a new pattern, I save it directly to the Dropbox folder on my computer and the moment the folder is synced with my Dropbox account, the file has a back up in the cloud which gives me great peace of mind. It's one of my favorite sewing tools ;)

If you sign up for a basic account you get to store and access your files from multiple devices, computers, phones, and tablets, for free. You get 2 GB which is more than enough for a whole library of PDF sewing patterns. I've used the free account for years but recently switched to a paid account because I'm using it for everything but the kitchen sink ;)

My folder structure looks something like this:

The main folder

Then each designer gets their own folder

Folders for each pdf sewing pattern containig the actual pattern files and instruction booklets

Sewing Patterns -->  Charlotte Kan -->  Elskan Dress and Top
 Designer name -->  Tank Top
 Skinny Jeans



Happy sewing!



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