Stash Less September 

Stash Less September 

simple house slipper temple of knit

About a year ago, I started minimizing my fabric stash currently occupying the guest bedroom that I hope to turn into an office/sewing room. I was off to a great start, but then I got off track. 

However, last month I decided to get back at it. Taking cues from Marie Kondo, and Felicia Semple at the Craft Sessions blog. First I started to imagine my ideal workspace. It's a fun, easy, and helpful step to keep me motivated, and stay on track. 

Why I want to destash

  1. Working in my living room, I'm always surrounded by my creative work, and since there is a lack of built-in or closed storage visual distraction is everywhere. Stuff reminding me I'll have to do something with it one living in one big to-do list. Ugh... After 13 years of working, and living in the same space, a door to close at the end of the day sounds lovely.
  2. Deteriorating materials, damage by pests, water damage, dust, etc. Are all valid risks as I discovered after a big leakage. So the material is better of being used by me or someone else instead of hibernating in on a shelve.

my ideal workspace & ideal sewing room moodboard on Pinterest:

my ideal workspace

Some rules before I started:

  • Discarding everything is not the point, but surrounding myself with what I love and actually use is.
  • Accumulating these things took time, and it will take time to get rid of it too.
  • Approaching this with an all-or-nothing mindset is not helpful. It is ok to make mistakes.

My destash steps 

Fabrics Notions Buttons

Occasionally I will open up a temporary stock sale in my webshop when I complete projects or take a moment to add old stock. 

Bolts of fabrics with good yardages, clothes hangers, a clothes rack, buttons, and found a new home with another local designer. 

With the holiday season approaching and some friends' babies underway, I've planned projects with a few senior stash members. There will be newborn gifts and Tuno Tie bags as they are fast and fabulous to sew. Quick wins to spark the sewing mojo and chip away at my stash.

fingerless mittens knit purl soho arched mittens


My yarn stash is manageable, but it does contain items that no longer serve my knitting plans. Those balls and skeins will be gifted to knitting friends. 

Two Precious yarns are no longer balled up in a basket but in use as fingerless mittens and cozy house slippers. Both projects flew of the needles, and were completed within a few days or a week

simple house slipper temple of knit

 Some realizations

- It's fun to sew or knit with those gems from my stash. I've already finished a few projects and put them to use making me a happy camper with warm hands and feet ;)

- The fear of mistakes can hold me back from using those precious materials.

I'm nowhere near done, but I'm happy I'm back at it. I'll keep you posted on my journey!

Maybe you don't even have a stash, but if you do...How is your stash? Are you content or is it a source of frustration?  


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