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Tutorial: Sew a Curved Hem 4x

How to sew a curved hem tutorial

How to sew a curved hem? Well it depends! I've made a few videos explaining different techniques for sewing around curves

Sew a curved hem using a stitched guideline
works well on the more narrow hems, so you might need to trim the seam allowance.

Sew a curved hem using a basting stitch
This is a great technique for the wider curved hems. The basting stitch helps to gather and ease the exces fabric.

Sew a curved hem the quick an dirty method
"F*** this round hem business I'm going home" a.k.a serge and fold over round hem method. Use this technique on thicker fabrics and knits

But wait there's more!

Another option is using bias binding to finish a curved hem. You can find photo tutorial right here on the blog


PS: looking for a fun and free sewing project? Grab a free copy of the smallest Tsuno Tie Bag and start sewing up your scraps and learn new use new techniques like mitered corners and French seams

free bento bag sewing pattern