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Online Embroidery Class: Gingko Brooch


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In this intermediate embroidery class you'll learn: How to stitch a ginkgo brooch using the chain stitch, reversed chain stitch, and the double running (or Holbein stitch).

Create a beautifully embroidered brooch with me helping you out every step of the way. 

What you'll learn:

  • How to embroider the chain stitch, the reversed chain stitch, and the double running stitch (aka Holbein stitch). 
  • You'll be adding lots of cool techniques to your creative toolkit that allows you to confidently start future embroidery projects.  like how to separate the threads from six-stranded embroidery floss, without creating a tangled mess. Or how to start and end your thread without tying knots. Or the best length of thread to embroider with, spoiler alert...shorter is better.
  • How to transfer your embroidery design on to light and dark fabrics.
  • How to turn your finished embroidery work into a brooch so you can wear your embroidery artwork all day everyday. Or, because they make great gifts, share your handmade creation with a friend.

600+ students have taken this class on Skillshare and here's what they want you to know:

"The teacher was great at explaining different methods of stitching. It is a great class for beginners." Kate

"Charlotte Kan has a lovely, gentle manner and gives very clear direction. A very enjoyable tutorial!" Sandra

"So many tricks on neat stitches, directional stitches, outline and fray protection."  Mabel

"What a great class. I can't wait to try making a brooch. The explanation was very well done and the product is truly sweet! Thank you!" Louise

Included in the online class:

  • Ginkgo leaf embroidery pattern 

  • Support! There is a section for you to ask questions and feedback. I'm happy to help you with your embroidered ginkgo brooch.

  • 9 videos all under 5min. showing you the key techniques in 25 min. to create your very own embroidered ginkgo brooch. 

Skill level: intermediate
Duration: 25minutes

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