Online Embroidery Class: Blossom Embroidery


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In this beginner embroidery class you'll learn: How to stitch Cherry blossom using the french knot, stem stitch, and backstitch. 

Create beautifully embroidered blossom with me helping you out every step of the way. 

What you'll learn:

  • How to go beyond the basic French knot, stem stitch, back stitch, whipped backstitch to create interesting textures.

  • You'll be adding lots of cool techniques to your creative toolkit that allows you to confidently start future embroidery projects.  like how to separate the threads from six-stranded embroidery floss, without creating a tangled mess. Or how to start and end your thread without tying knots. Or the best length of thread to embroider with, spoiler alert...shorter is better.
  • How to transfer your embroidery design on to light and dark fabrics.
  • How to turn your finished embroidery work into a neatly finished hoop that's ready to hang or gift to a friend.

700+ students have taken this class on Skillshare and here's what they want you to know:

"It's a beautiful project and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. A good class, especially for a beginner in embroidery, like me." Daisy Gutierrez

"The best embroidery class ever!!! What a legend." Megan Le Gourrierec

"Amazing lesson, I learned a lot of new techniques and didn't find myself bored at any point during the lesson. I'm really looking forward to embroidering new beautiful things with these new tricks up my sleeve!"  Rique Oropeza

"Excellent class easy to see what she was doing. And easy to understand instruction. Very good class!" Kenda Staudenmaier

"Very well explained and demonstrated." Nora McMuldroch

"One of the best embroidery classes!" Lucile Mézenge 


Included in the online class:

  • Cherry blossom embroidery pattern + different branches to create your own design + a color chart with possible combinations

  • Support! There is a section for you to ask questions and feedback. I'm happy to help you with your blossom embroidery piece.

  • 10 videos all under 5min. showing you the key techniques in 30 min. to create your very own blossom embroidery hoop art.

Skill level: beginner
Duration: 30 minutes

Take a peek inside the class:




How does the online embroidery class work?
After you've purchased the online class you'll be able to instantly access the class page from the main menu at the top of the page.

The videos, files, materials list and community section are embedded in a playlist in the student area for easy viewing.

Make sure you are logged in and scroll to the top of the so the navigation menu is visible then:

click on > Student Access > Online Class: Blossom Embroidery.

Where can I log in?
In the upper right-hand corner of the website.

Is there a time limit to watch the videos?
There is no time limit for you to view the videos, you'll have unlimited access to the videos and you can learn at your own pace and revisit the videos as much as you like.

Is this the same class as shown on Skillshare?
Yes! 650+ students have taken this class on Skillshare! But because you need a credit card to purchase a Skillshare membership I'm also hosting this online workshop on my own website, therefore it's easier to access the workshop if you don't want to use a credit card or don't own a credit card like many Dutchies (I'm Dutch ;)

If you do own a credit card consider signing up for a free 2-month trial to watch the class

Another reason to host the workshop on my own website is that not everyone wants to sign up for a Skillshare membership. Hosting the workshop on makes it possible to give unlimited access with a one-time payment.

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