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Tulip Sashiko Needles Assorted - Long

€8.50 €5.95
21% dutch vat inc.

The needles are of great quality and come in the prettiest package making them a perfect gift. They come in a little vial with a cork stopper which can be used as storage.

The pack includes 4 sizes for finer embroidery work with one to three strands of DMC 6-strand embroidery floss or how I like to use them, for goldwork.

Tulip Hiroshima Embroidery needles:

  • 6 needles in 3 sizes
  • feature sharp tips
  • elongated eyes for threading embroidery floss
  • made of nickel-plated steel. 

Sizes, there are 2 of each size in the package.

  • 1,02 x 66,7 millimeter
  • 0,97 x 44,5 millimeter
  • 0,84 x 51,5 millimeter