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Purple Facemask - with pocket for a filter + adjustable strap - 14cm

21% dutch vat inc.

Price is for 1 facemask

The mask has an adjustable strap, a tunnel for a nose wire (nose wire not included), and a pocket for a filter (filter not included).

The strap is made from jersey straps that are soft and stretchy.

You wear the strap on the crown of your head and tie it to your preferred length and wear the knot in your neck. Alternatively, you can cut your strap to create ear loops. Last few photos show how to wear it or how it looks when you cut and tie the straps.

The mask is not medical grade


  • The outer: Dutch wax from Vlisco 100% cotton 
  • The inside: 50% organic cotton / 50% bamboo viscose 
  • The strap: 95% organic cotton / 5% lycra

Size 14cm

The mask measurements are approximately.

  • Height 14cm.
  • Width 25cm.

please check against a mask you already own. 
As an additional reference, I've included photos of me wearing a purple size 14cm mask and my measurements are:

  • 12cm nose bridge to the chin.
  • 12.5cm nose bridge to where the ear starts.

This size fits me well, comfortably covering the bridge of my nose and underneath my chin. If your measurements are smaller than mine I would suggest opting for the 13cm size masks. 

See the illustration for where to measure if you want to check your own measurements:
1. From the bridge of your nose to where your chin curves under but don't go underneath the chin.
2. From the bridge of your nose to the start of your ear.


Returns are not possible due to hygienic reasons.